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(01) 777 51 00 / 051 41 40 58 prodaja@prima-ip.si
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3-layer medical masks Type IIR

Keep your health and safety

It is important to value our health and to pay enough attention to it. While the viruses are spreading, it is all the more important to adequately and qualitatively protect ourselves from possible infection.


3-layer medical masks type IIR

2.75 9.90 

Mask is entirely made in EU, Slovenia.
With all the necessary certificates and standards
Quality and comfortable (does not irritate the skin)
Odorless and pleasant to the touch
Free delivery for orders over € 25
Fast delivery (1-2 working days)


For larger orders, send an inquiry to prodaja@prima-ip.si or call (01) 777 51 00 / 051 41 40 58.



Mask is entirely made in Slovenia.: maske so v celoti proizvedene v Sloveniji z embalažo v slovenskem jeziku ter ustrezno deklaracijo.


Medical quality: The mask is manufactured in accordance with standard EN 14683: 2019+AC:2019. The mask is simple medical apliance and it is also intended for use by medical personnel in medical institutions or for medical purposes. The microbial filtration layer is made of sensitive organic fibres. The bacterial filtration efficiency is > 98%. The mask offers drip protection for 2 to 3 hours of wearing or until the mask becomes moist.

3 – layer: This disposable surgical face mask is made of soft and comfortable material, non-woven fiberglass cloth and antibacterial filter paper. It is three-layered, with a built-in aluminium clip for the nosepiece and soft round elastic for the ears.
Comfortable: The mask is extremely soft and will not stain or tear easily. The built-in nose clip allows you to adjust the mask to your face.

Resistant: The outer layer is liquid-resistant. Inside is a white, hypoallergenic layer of cellulose. The mask does not contain chemicals, inks or dyes.   


For one-time use: A medical face mask is for single-use only and must be discarded after use. We change it every 2-3 hours at least or when it gets wet. The use of the mask is only effective if it is properly installed and worn all the time when we are exposed to possible infection.

Wash or disinfect your hands thoroughly before applying the mask.
Hold the mask by the elastic bands and turn it so that the nose clip is uppermost.
The white side is facing inwards.
Put the mask over the nose, mouth and chin and shape it around the root of the nose so that it fits the face as much as possible.
After use, remove the mask by holding both elastics. The front of the mask should never be touched. Dispose of the used mask in a suitable bin. Wash or disinfect your hands.